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Slate for Memorial Plaques and Signs.

Our slate memorial plaques are made using natural slate. This has a smooth, yet not highly polished surface. It shows the lovely markings and the grain of this beautiful material. Each piece is totally unique.

If you prefer a more consistant finish without natural features we suggest you use slate effect corian.

An interesting and effective technique is to blast the background away and leave the letters raised.

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Slate Memorial Plaque

Your Choices

Letter Colours - Black, silver, gold, white, cream, unpainted or raised and unpainted.

Fonts - We can use most common fonts - click here for a selection of just a few fonts which can also be used.

Images - We have a selection of standard images It is also possible to convert your own simple images to an acceptable sandblasting file.
Please note - it must be a silhouette style image without any very fine lines or shades.

Holes - We can drill the holes charged per hole. 2 holes on slate up to 100mm high and 4 holes for over 100mm high. CT1 Adhesive also available.

Borders -Line border with either indented or square corners and unpainted decorative borders.
Border in relief, where the slate around the outside of the sign is sandblasted leaving the shape chosen for the text.

Thickness - The signs on this page are 10-15mm thick and ideal for wall mounting. We however can use thicker slate if prefered.

Prices include first 4 letters

Slate can be cut to any size

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The minimum letter size for painted or raised and unpainted letters - 25mm.
6 upper case letters and spaces to an 300mm
9 lower case letters and spaces to 300mm

The minimum letter size for unpainted letters - 15mm.
7 upper case letters and spaces to 100mm
11 lower case letters and spaces
to 100mm

If smaller letters are required we would suggest corian in the slate colour.

This plaque was engraved with a laser - no paint fill.
Can be used for small text and detailed images
Dark Slate Corian Only
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If you wish to speak to someone please email us your phone number, the type of sign along with your
ref number (if you have one) and the appropriate person will phone you as soon as possible