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Workshop and Office closed 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year

Sign Production Times

Blank A-boards, other blank signage and wheel covers
can normally be dispatched within a few days.

3 working days - approx
Plain wheelcovers

5 working days - approx
Standard safety signs - Priority orders,if in stock, can be dispatched within 1 working day.
Stock design wheelcovers

8 working days - approx
Laser Engraved Signs - no backing boards
Personalised gifts

9 working days - approx
Vinyl work - Stickers, Magnetic signs, Sign boards, Wheel covers, Window signs
T-Shirts and Garments
Unpainted Engraved Plaques
Wheel Covers

10 working days - approx
Slate with raised and unpainted letters
Laser engraved signs with backing boards

11 working days - approx
Paint filled engraved plaques
Corian signs apart from gold and silver painted letters
Elegant Wooden Signs
Wooden Memorials

12 working days - approx
CCTV signs & Non standard safety signage
Cast metal nameplates

13 working days - approx
Engraved Corian Signs - gold & silver paint
Slate, Marble & Granite Signs - gold & silver paint

14 working days - approx
Rustic timber house signs - carved or vinyl lettering
Fibreglass sign boards.
Wooden signs - sandblasted
Stainless steel wheel covers
A-Boards with graphics
Engraved Stainless Steel

15 working days - approx
Slate, Marble & Granite Signs - cream or white paint

17 working days - approx
Cast metal plaques
Finger posts and other powder coated aluminium signage

22 working days - approx
Large wood signage - over 12" in height
Large slate signage - 20 - 30mm thick
Wood signs with posts
Plaques with wooden frames

Priority Orders
For urgent orders we can usually reduce the production time by 1 week (5 working days) Please add a priority order charge of £11 to your order to cover the extra costs involved. It is not possible to reduce the production times for cast metal or enamel.

Christmas Orders
To ensure an order is dispatched on or before the 22nd December - please order by the dates shown below. For 2 working days after these dates we will probably still be able to dispatch by 22nd December - but no guarantees.

11am on the 6th December
Cast Bras