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Scratch Engraved Brass
Brass is the traditional material used for memorial plaques. The main disadvantage is that if you want it to stay bright and shiny you will need to keep polishing it! For small plaque with small letters, scratch engraving is often used. Minimum letter size 5mm
Scratch Engraved Brass

Deep Engraved Brass
With deep engraving the letters can be paint filled if required. They cannot be engraved as small as the scratch engraved, but are much easier to read. For all our brass plaques we only use the highest quality CZ120 engravers brass. Minimum letter size 10mm
Deep Engraved Brass Memorial Plaques

Black Anodised Aluminium
A great material for memorial plaques. They look good and are maintenance free. The lettering can also be quite small as it is engraved through the black surface to show the silver/white beneath. Can be supplied on backing boards. Minimum letter size 2mm
Black Aluminium Plaques Memorial Plaques

Anodisal Aluminium
These are similar to the black anodised plaques but they have a tougher finish which has been baked on rather than the powder coated. It is also gloss as opposed to matt. As well as black it is available in green, blue, gold and red. Minimum letter size 2mm
Anodisal Aluminium Memorials

Engraved Acrylic Laminate
A good material for memorial plaques in that it is weather proof, durable and UV resistant.The acrylic laminate used is exterior grade and 3mm thick. It is a two ply material i.e. letters are engraved through the surface layer to see the colour beneath. Minimum letter size 2mm
Acrylic Laminate Memorial Plaque

Laser Engraved Acrylic Laminate
This acrylic laminate is 1.5mm thick so not as robust as our standard 3mm engraved laminate. However we can engrave the small text and very detailed images.
Laser Engraved Acrylic

Laser Engraved Stainless Steel
With these tough, maintenance free stainless steel plates the lettering is not actually engraved into the metal. This has an advantage in that the lettering can be smaller and images can be far more detailed. Even a good photos can be used. Although not engraved into the metal, the lettering is permanent and as tough as the metal beneath. Minimum letter size 2mm.
Laser Engraved Stee

Stone Effect Corian
Corian is made from natural minerals an acrylic resin. The mineral content gives it has similar properties to real stone - the weight, cold feel and matt finish.It is however stronger and is much more consistent - no faults or cracks. We are able to engrave much smaller lettering (5mm) into corian than is possible with real stone.
Stone Effect Corian

Cast Aluminium
When making the pattern we have plenty of scope to vary lettering, images and layout if you have something particular in mind. Once the pattern is made our skilled craftsmen cast the plaque using methods which date back to the Bronze Age.
Cast Aluminium

Cast Bronze
Although the latest technology is used to make the pattern, the casting methods is still very traditional.
When making a pattern we do have scope to vary the layout lettering and include images.
Cast Bronze

Slate is another very traditional material. We can sandblast letters as small as 15mm if left unpainted. An interesting variation is to sandblast the background away to leave the lettering proud. Minimum letter size for this technique is 25mm.
Slate Memorials

The Wooden memorial plaque is an elegant and beautiful sign and can be made from Oak, Sapele and Iroko. This sign has more of a natural feel which can be more appropriate than formal engraved brass.
Wooden Memorial Sign

Chemically Etched
Available on Brushed Stainless Steel, Mirror Finish Stainless Steel or Polished Brass these signs are not as cost effective for small signs but ideal for larger signs where several colours or images with fine detail are required. Also very useful when lots of small text is needed. No extra charges for colours or extra characters.
Chemically Etched Sign
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