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Sign Fixing Adhesives - Power Grab n Bond & CT1

Power Grab n Bond is revolutionary in the field of heavy duty bonding. Although based on the unique hybrid polymer product CT1, the density of Power Grab n Bond is greater and has phenomenal results in initial grab.There is no need for any additional fixings.

Power Grab n Bond adheres to endless materials such as stone, granite, ytong, marble, concrete, all metals (including alloys), polystyrene and most plastics. It is therefore ideal for all our signs - even heavy slate up to 50kg

CT1 Seal n Bond is a unique Hybrid Polymer for sealing and construction bonding. Both sealing and structural bonding can be successfully achieved even underwater !

CT1 Seal n Bond Will successfully bond:

  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Polystyrene .

CT1 Seal n Bond can be used for any of our signs up to 10kg

For more information please visit manufacturers website - CT1 and Power n Grab These products last for a year after opening, so can be used for other jobs.

If you cannot source locally, we can send out a tube of either product with your order @ £13.95 - UK Only
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